Welcome to Wise Mind Therapy centrally located in St. Louis, MO. We provide a non-judgmental, safe space for you to heal from your past trauma, and overcome anxiety, depression, and the addictions that hurt you. We use highly effective therapy modalities to help you heal, learn, and grow. You can feel better, you can change, and you can become the person you want to be. It may feel overwhelming or scary to reach out for help the first time. The first step in the journey is the hardest and begins with an act of courage.


I am a licensed clinical social worker, certified EMDR therapist, certified health coach, and the owner of Wise Mind Therapy. I am very passionate about my work, and use a variety of evidence based modalities to help people heal from trauma and live fully in the present. If you want to change how you feel in your mind and body - call me today to start the journey down a more hopeful path.

Lisa Adams, MA, LPC
(314) 227-9994

I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in practice for more than a decade.  Previously, I worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital working directly with people affected by serious mental illness, psychosis, suicidal ideation/attempts and chemical dependency/psychiatric diagnosis.  I also worked in outpatient (IOP) helping people who were newly sober acquire the skills to work on their recovery and reintegrate into life.

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Michelle Moore, PLPC

With a gentle and warm approach, I help you identify and work with your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. I meet you wherever you’re at in your life, and provide a safe, therapeutic environment for health, healing, and recovery. I also incorporate mindfulness-based approaches. Encouraging clients to connect to their bodies allow my clients to feel more grounded and empowered. I specialize in working with grief, trauma, life transitions, depression, and anxiety. 

I am a licensed professional counselor and have worked with a diverse clientele. I specialize in: relationship issues, anxiety, loss, life transitions, low self-esteem, family conflict, and trauma. Living through difficult experiences often leads to feelings of disconnection. I can help you find connection and balance. Working with me can help you heal from your past, feel more connected, balanced, and secure. Call or click below to reach out today.