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Ego State Therapy can help you resolve internal conflict.

What are Ego States?

Each of us must navigate several discrete identities and roles. For example, a woman might adopt the role of protector toward her children but feel like a fearful or neglected child around her mother. Those ego states are very real and the woman can experience intense emotions that seem to contradict each other depending on the “ego state” she is in. Ego state therapy aims to integrate all “parts” into a coherent self.

Ego states are an adaptation to various life circumstances. Sometimes a person becomes stuck in an ego state, or finds that an ego state is no longer beneficial. A child abuse victim, for example, might get stuck in the role of frightened child. This could lead to anxiety, unhealthy relationships, and other behavioral patterns based on an ego state that's no longer functional.


How does Ego State Therapy Work?

Ego state therapy is based on the idea that a person's psyche is the amalgamation of several distinct ego states or “parts”, such as the wounded child part or controlling part. Ego state therapy helps you to understand each part of yourself, the roles they play, why they developed, and build a new relationship with those parts of yourself. This therapy is more than just "talk therapy", it allows you to tap into the subconscious, revealing more clarity. This therapy often leads to a feeling of internal peace, and more control over your life.

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