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How is Wise Mind Therapy different from traditional "talk therapy"?

We do incorporate "talk therapy", of course. But at Wise Mind we use modalities that tap into the subconscious parts of yourself. (Oftentimes these parts of us are running the show!) We have lots of tools in our toolkit - like bilateral stimulation processing, EMDR, somatic experiencing, ego state work, and visualization to tap into other parts of the mind. This healing work feels different than traditional talk therapy. 


How much does it cost to work with your therapists?

We charge $135 per hour for therapy. If you can not afford this, do not let that deter you from getting therapy. There are agencies in the community that can help, such as "Walter's Walk", also new therapists who are still under supervision usually offer lower rates.


Do you have evening hours?

Yes, Some of our therapists offer evening hours and we always try to accommodate our clients. Evening hours are always the most sought after times, so if you do have flexibility in your schedule, we appreciate scheduling your appointment during the day to help our clients without flexibility. 


Do you take insurance?

We take Cigna and Aetna insurance. There are many reasons why we don't take a lot of different insurance. You might choose not to use insurance. Here are some reasons why some people do no like to use insurance. 

Some insurance pre-determines the number of sessions that they will pay for. Unfortunately, this is not the way therapy works. Sometimes it takes 6 sessions, sometimes it takes a year. It is very unique to the individual. Insurance companies usually pay for a certain number of sessions and when that is over, the client feels like they should quit therapy. This is not good for the client. Knowing what your policy actually covers before you start therapy is always a good idea. 

Second, insurance companies want to have a "diagnosis" to pay for therapy. We do not like to give a diagnosis right away. Sometimes people do not have a diagnosis and can still benefit greatly from therapy. 

Third, insurance companies often ask for more information about clients than we think is necessary. Information in therapy is confidential. 

Find out more about using your insurance for psychotherapy here.


Can I use my "out of network" benefits?

Some insurance policies offer "out of network" benefits. Usually, this means you pay us directly, and get reimbursed from the insurance company for part of the cost. We are happy to provide you with the documentation you need in order to get your reimbursement. Just let us know during the initial consultation that you would like to us this service. 


Do you work with LGBTQ+ clients?

We welcome LGBTQ+ clients, and recognize the specific challenges that many LGBTQ+ people face. Fear of discrimination and ignorance is understandable. It is difficult enough to seek therapy, and adding that layer of fear sometimes keeps people from seeking help. You can be sure that coming to Wise Mind for therapy will be a safe and welcoming experience. We are here to hold a safe space for you to explore your emotions, your identity, and your sexuality. 


Can I choose to work with someone who is my own race?

Of course that is your choice! The most important thing in a therapeutic relationship is feeling safe, connected, and accepted. We encourage you to search for a therapist that feels like a good fit for you. Our therapists at Wise Mind understand that mental health concerns are often affected power and privilege, such as racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression. You can feel safe that, regardless of the color of your therapist's skin, you will feel safe respected. 

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