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  • Kelly O'Donnell

Will Your Insurance Pay for Psychotherapy?

Yes! Most insurance policies include coverage for psychotherapy. There are a few things to know before booking an appointment....

  1. Not all therapists take insurance, and most are only “in network” with one or two companies. It requires a lot of work for therapists that they are not getting paid for, like documentation, billing, and credentialing. If you want to work with a specific therapist, ask them if they are “in network” with any insurance companies. It can save you a lot of money to pick an insurance policy that covers your therapist, OR to pick a therapist that is “in network” with your insurance company.

  2. Insurance companies require “medical necessity” in order to cover sessions. This means, unless you meet the requirements that the insurance company deems necessary, they will not cover therapy. To show “medical necessity” your therapist has to diagnose you, report detailed documentation about progress on your goals, and share other private information with the insurance company. This also means that as soon as you no longer meet those requirements, they are not going to pay for sessions. If you do not meet the requirements for a diagnosis, the insurance company does not cover therapy. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, you may want to pay for services yourself and avoid insurance.

  3. Just because your insurance company says you are covered does not mean you do not have to pay. Oftentimes there is a “deductible'' you have to meet before the insurance company will pay anything. Be sure you know what your policy deductible is. Sometimes, there is a “copay”. This is a flat amount that you pay, regardless of your deductible. This is the amount you will pay directly to your therapist. Sometimes, instead of a deductible, there is “coinsurance”. This is a percentage of the total bill you are required to pay. Sometimes it doesn’t kick in until after you have met your deductible. I know, confusing, right?

  4. You may be able to get reimbursement from your insurance company for therapists who are not in their “network”. Check your specific policy to see what your “out of network” benefits are. Sometimes, you can get reimbursement for therapy even if the therapist is not “in network”.

The bottom line is, insurance does cover psychotherapy, but you have to know what your specific policy says and that the therapist takes your specific insurance. Your insurance company website should have a directory of in service providers.

Wise Mind Therapy is “In Network” with Cigna. Give us a call today! (314) 643-8224


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