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In reasonable mind, you are ruled by facts, reason, logic, and pragmatics, values and feelings are not important.

Reasonable Mind

Wise Mind

Seeing the value in both reason and emotion.

Emotional  Mind

In emotional mind,  you are ruled by your moods, feelings, and urges to do things.

Facts, reason, and logic aren't important.

At Wise Mind Therapy, Our Approach is different

When most of us think of our “Mind” we think of our brains and cognitive thoughts. But our mind is so much more
than that. Our rational and emotional minds help us experience the world through our senses, we hold memories
and emotions throughout our bodies, we form a sense of identity through our experiences and our choices. All of
these things come together and enable us to live.

At Wise Mind we do much more than "talk therapy". We use modalities that tap into the subconscious parts of yourself and your body. Oftentimes these subconscious parts of us are running the show! If we could figure out all of our problems and behaviors with our "rational" minds (our cognitive/prefrontal cortex) we would not need therapy! We have lots of tools in our toolkit - like bilateral stimulation processing, EMDR, somatic approaches, ego state work, and visualization to tap into other parts of the mind. This healing work allows you to feel and behave differently. 

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