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  • Kelly O'Donnell

Trouble leaving your past in the past?

Our past influences our present. We all know that. But many people do not realize just how much their present choices and behaviors are based on belief systems formed in early childhood, or based on past unresolved trauma.

How Our Belief Systems Control Us

We may not be aware of those belief systems that control us, but the same problems keep showing up in our lives. We all know people who always have drama in their lives, people with low self-esteem that holds them back, people always in a bad relationship, people who keep themselves too busy, or people who struggle with phobias or addictions. Ok, that covers most of us!

Some real life examples…The strong, intelligent woman that never applies for that promotion. She comes up with a million reasons why, but underlying all of it is that memory of her parents chuckling and joking at the thought of her becoming an architect. Or, that brilliant business owner who can not get control over her eating habits. She says she is too busy, that fast food is all she has time for. But that memory of her mother’s judgmental eyes overlooking what she ate as a kid haunts her still. Now she has a rebellious streak that fights against her desire to be healthy. I could go on and on.

Often times, the coping skills that helped us get through a hard time in our past is the same coping skill that causes us problems in the present. When you feel a constant internal struggle, it might be an indicator that your past is controlling your present.

EMDR Therapy and PTSD Treatment

The good news is that you do not have to operate that way. There is a remarkable therapy called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) that can help us resolve those past traumas that formed those beliefs and behaviors. It has mostly been used to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), with great results. But it also can help us heal from trauma that is less dramatic than war or a car accident. Those “small” traumas that formed our beliefs about ourselves.

Getting the Help You Need

Do you think that some past trauma is influencing your life today? Would you like to understand your emotions and behaviors better? Would you like to feel more in control and less of an internal struggle? If so, contact me today. Let’s talk about whether or not EMDR Therapy is right for you.


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