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You can beat your addiction.

What is addiction?

Addiction is an inability to stop using a substance or engaging in a behavior even though it is causing psychological and/or physical harm. Not everyone's addiction looks the same. 

What are symptoms of addiction?

Some common symptoms include:

  • An inability to stop using a substance (like food, alcohol, etc.)

  • An inability to stop doing a behavior (like shopping, gambling, sex, or porn)

  • Obsessing over the substance or behavior

  • Feeling like you need the substance or behavior to deal with your life/problems

  • Continued use even though you have a desire to cut back or stop

  • Continued use even though it is causing problems in other areas of your life

How do we treat addiction?

Therapy helps clients deal with the day to day experience of having an addiction, build internal resources to help you face the addiction, while also carefully navigating healing past trauma.


Addiction therapy is complex because there are many variables that influence the outcome. Sometimes, clients are dealing with an actual physical addiction which makes it physically painful to quit “cold turkey”. Sometimes, clients are using the substance to manage other underlying mental health issues, such as social anxiety, PTSD, loneliness, etc. Sometimes, it feels incredibly lonely to quit because so many of your relationships are interwoven with the addiction. We understand the complexity of the issue and the ambivalence that comes with facing change. We know that people with addiction should be addressed with compassion. We meet you where you are, and work on your timeline.

We use modalities like Motivational Interviewing to address ambivalence; EMDR (DeTUR protocol) in order to desensitize triggers and reduce urges, EMDR (standard protocol) to heal from past trauma, and CBT in order to challenge the way clients think about themselves and the substance or behavior.

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